Kit, Basic Electrical, Greenlee Textron

Kit, Basic Electrical, Greenlee Textron


  • Great for measuring current of small electronic circuits.
  • Includes elsatomer boot to protect meter from damage.
  • AC/DC voltage, DC amperage measurement.
  • Built-in test leads, no loose parts to lose.
  • Resistance measurement.
  • Audible continuity and diode tests.
  • Tests 1.5 V and 9 V batteries.
  • Use to detect voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires and cables or to find a break in a wire.
  • Safe, non-contact voltage detection.
  • Bright LED and audible alarm sound if voltage is present.
  • On/Off switch for longer battery life.
  • Convenient pen-size device easily fits into pockets or tool pouches.
  • Use to troubleshoot 120V AC grounded outlets.
  • Light sequence indicates correct/ incorrect wiring

Additional Information

  • Standard Package Quantity:  1ea

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