Tie, 8" Velcro, Black, HellermannTyton

Tie, 8" Velcro, Black, HellermannTyton


  • The Grip Tie is a low profile, one piece fastening device. Constructed of polyethylene hook and nylon loop, laminated back to back, the Grip Tie features quick release for repetitive access to cable and wire. It can be opened and closed numerous times without failure. The Grip Tie is reusable, adjustable, releasable and easy to install. Its design provides ease of installation in tight areas such as telecommunications closets and will not get caught on other cables. The tie also will not cause damage to Category 5e and Category 6 cable or fiber optic cable since it cannot be over-cinched. Available in rolls and straps in 6", 8", 11" and 15" sizes. The Grip Ties are available in a variety of colors and are versatile enough for applications ranging from network installations to bundling power cords. Grip ties are customizable with your company name (minimum quantities apply).

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  • Standard Package Quantity:  100pcs/bag

   * See attached PDF for product information, product ordering, and product specifications.

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