COYOTE Closure, Preformed

Coyote Closure, Preformed line Products.  A simple solution, a breed apart.  The original COYOTE closure still remains one of the most highly regarded and widely used fiber optic closures in the industry.


  • Available in two sizes:
    • 6.0" x 22" and 8.5" x 22"
  • Two end plate options:  4 port and 6 port
    • 6 port provides (4) 7/8" ports and (2) 3/4" ports  
    • 4 port provides (2)11/4" ports and (2) 1 " ports
  •  Large splice capacity:
    • Up to 396 with single fusion and Up to 576 with mass fusion
  •  Can be configured for butt or in-line applications
  • Organizers designed for loose buffer tube and ribbon applications
  • Provided with LOCK-TAPE Sealing System
  • Accepts a wide variety of grommets for multi drop applications
  • Field proven permanent neoprene gasket system
  • No re-entry kits required

Additional Information

  • Future cable ports provide capability for future cable installation, without end plate removal
  • Integrated air valve to confirm integrity of final assembly
  • Full line of mounting hardware
  • UL approved and RUS listed
  • Tested in accordance to Telecordia GR-771 CORE
  • This product is the 6" x 22" Coyote Closure with 6 port end plate and includes (1) 3 section end plate, (1) blank end plate, organizer and LOCK-TAPE sealing materials.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications.
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on using the COYOTE closure.

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