COYOTE Dome Closure, Preformed

COYOTE Dome Closure, Preformed Line Products.  A simple solution, a breed apart.


  • Available sizes:  6.5" x 17" and 6.5" x 22"
  • 4 Entry Ports accepting 11/4" cables
  • Availble configurations: Aerial, Below Grade, Express, Cross-Connect
  • Capable of supporting up to 28 drops
  • No special tools or torque wrenches required for installation
  • Full line of single or multiple hole grommets for quick reliable assembly
  • Collar system allows for quick re-entry
  • Integrated ground wire ports to provide electrical isolation
  • Factory installled air valve

Additional Information

  • Tested in accordance to Telcordia GR-771 CORE
  • RUS Listed for all applications
  • Full line of mounting hardware to support aerial, pole, wall and hand hole installations
  • Patent Pending
  • This product number is a 6.5" x 17" Dome closure for buffer tube (loose tube).
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications.
  • Follow this LINK for Dome Closure 6.5" x 22" instructions or follow this LINK for Dome Closure 6.5" x 17" instructions.

Product Number