COYOTE Drop Cable Closure, Preformed

COYOTE Drop Cable Closure, Preformed Line Products.  A simple solution, a breed apart.


  • Closure is a re-enterable (not re-usable), encapsulant filled closure for splicing buried fiber optic drop cable (up to 6 fiber)
  • Will accept either dielectric or shielded fiber optic drop cables with an outside diameter of up to 0.5"
  • Each closure body is factory filled with field proven (over 14 years) POLY-BEE Sealant to provide a protective barrier around the sealed splice tray assembly.
  • The sealed splice tray assembly has an integral bond clamp which provides both conductivity between the cable shields and cable restraint.
  • Simple assembly

Additional Information

  • Unfilled version for aerial fiber optic drop cable (up to 6-fiber is available)
  • Cable entries and closure seams are still sealed to prevent the ingress of wind-driven rain and dust
  • This product number is the COYOTE Drop Cable Closure and includes a SEALED splice tray assembly and six (6) heat shrink splice protectors.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications.
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on using the Drop Cable Closure.

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