COYOTE High Fiber Count Closure, Preformed

COYOTE High Fiber Count Closure, Preformed Line Products. Larger sizes for High Fiber Count Metropolitan Networks.


  • Available in 9.5" x 28" and 9.5" x 38" for high fiber count applications
  • These larger Coyote Closures use the same drillable end plates and fiber management systems as the COYOTE Splice Case
  • Incorporates a new lightweight, durable non-metallic shell

Additional Information

  • This product number is  a 9.5" x 28" HI-Count Closure for buffer tube applications, up to 432 single fiber splices, holds up to eighteen 24-count splice trays.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications.
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on how to use the COYOTE HI-Count Closure.

Product Number