COYOTE MPC (Multi-Purpose Closure), Preformed

COYOTE MPC (multi-Purpose Closure), Preformed Line Products. A simple solution, a breed apart. 


  • Size:  16"L x 14"W x 4"D 
  • 8 cable entrance ports around closure exterior 
  • Cable entrance ports are sized to accept PLP grommet adapter ports or commercially available fittings
  • Easy to use grommet system - 7 different multi and single hole grommets to choose from
  • Constructed with UL 94 5VA polymer compounds to provide the highest flame resistant rating
  • Interior grid hole pattern allows custom organization to address your specific application
  • Integrated rubber seal eliminates water entry

Additional Information

  • Custom logo plaques available to identify your company logo:  Contact one of our sales representatives for further details
  • This product number is a COYOTE MPC standard and includes (1) 4 Hole Grommet Port Adapter Kit (8003812), and (1) Organizer Clip Kit.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications. 
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on using the COYOTE MPC Closure.

Product Number