COYOTE Retrofit Closure, Preformed

COYOTE Retrofit Closure, Preformed Line Products.  The ideal closure for replacement or expansion.


  • Contains a versatile fiber management system which makes simple work out of retrofitting existing fiber optic closures for either closure replacement or closure capacity expansion
  • Will accommodate the existing fiber management systems (slack buffer tubes or fiber and splice trays) from closures manufactured by Lucent Technologies (UCB Series), 3M (2178 Series) and other suppliers
  • In addition to accomodating the existing splice trays and fiber storage, the closure will hold up to four single fiber splice trays, six low profile trays or up to two ribbon fiber trays.
  • The total added capacity of the COYOTE splice trays is 216 single fiber, or 288 mass fusion.
  • Uses the permanent neoprene gasket in the shell halves and the proven LOCK-TAPE Sealing System for the end plate and cable seals

Additional Information

  • Meets the same performance standards as the COYOTE closure in aerial, underground and buried applications
  • Tested in accordance with TElecordia GR-771-CORE
  • Uses the sames accessories as available for the COYOTE closure, including future cable ports, end plate grommets, aerial or manhole brackets and splice trays.
  • See COYOTE Accessories section for catalog numbers for acccessories
  • This product number is for a 8.5" x 22" Retrofit Closure which includes (2) Three-Section Six Port End Plates, Hybrid Fiber Management System, (10) End Plate Plugs and (4) L-Brackets.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications.
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on how to use the COYOTE Retrofit Closure.

Product Number