COYOTE Taut Closure, Preformed

COYOTE Taut Closure, Preformed Line Products. A simple solution, a breed apart. 


  • Size:  6.5" x 38"
  • Organizes and protect up to 12 branch splices in either or both directions, or up to 12 pairs of fiber splices for repairing damaged cable
  • End plates are the innovative design used in the COYOTE Dome Closure and employ the easy to apply Gel Sealant System
  • Grommets available for the COYOTE Dome Closure can also be used for the COYOTE Taut Closure 
  • Unique mainframe assembly protects the fibers being "expressed" through the closure and organizes the splices on those fibers being spliced to the branch cables
  • Slack fibers from the branch cables or slack fibers between repair splices are stored in the center region of the mainframe

Additional Information

  • The product number is for a 6.5" x 38" COYOTE Taut Closure Kit. 
  • Follow this LINK for instructions on using the COYOTE Taut Closure.
  • See PDF for additional product information, further product options/numbers and product specifications. 

Product Number