FDC 288 Orbital Fiber Distribution Cabinet, OFS

FDC 288 Orbital Fiber Distribution Cabinet, OFS. Innovative fiber distribution cabinet specifically designed for FTTx Splitter Applications.


  • OFS' breakthrough innovation makes traditional splitter management designs obsolete, enabling easier subscriber provisioning and increased reliabilty in high performace FTTx networks
  • Solves the usual routing problems with the new and innovative ORBITAL Fiber Management System
  • Designed to serve up to 288 homes.
  • Features OFS unique splitter module incorporating full spectrum, low loss PLC splitters, while being fitted with low loss, high performace LC and MPO connectors
  • OFS' MPO Fannout Jumpers are easily connected from the splitter modules to the subscriber ports
  • Use OFS' bend-insensitive AllWave FLEX Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber to minimize bending loss
  • The ORBITAL FDC 288 routes all subscriber fibers from the splitter modules to a central cabinet, then to subscriber ports arranged in a circular array surrounding the cabinet
  • 36" H x 24" W x 18" D
  • Easy to remove swing-out equipment mounting frame

Additional Information

  • Radial Distribution
    • Provides short fiber runs
    • Minimizes fiber routing congestion
    • Reduces fiber parking for unused leads
  • MPO 1X32 Splitters
    • Creates a high-density, low-loss splitter solution
    • Universal face design fits many legacy LGX solutions
    • Scalable ussage with MPO to LC fanouts
  • Specialty OFS Cabinet
    • Full front access solution
    • Pre-connectorized cable installed for rapid deployment
    • Rear cable storage vault eliminates underground vault and closure
    • Stab and pole mountable- both easy to handle, place and use
    • Designed for NEMA4
  • Product number FDC288
  • See PDF for additional product information or further product options/numbers and product specifications.

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