Tray, Fiber Splice Organizer, 3M

Tray, Fiber Splice Organizer, 3M


  • The 2527 tray accomodates up to 24 single fusion or 144 mass fusion splices and has entry from all corners. It maintains the minimum bend radius of fiber. The tray has a clear cover and splice holders included. 3,0mm x 60mm single fusion heat shrink sleeve required (2170 or equivalent)

Additional Information

  • Splice inserts are easily added to either tray to secure splices into the trays. Fibers are routed into the trays using FibrTube Transition Tubing that zips over the fibers. *Splice Inserts must be ordered separately.
  • Standard Package Quantity:  2.0 each
  • Gross Weight:  4.0000 LBS

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