Ruggedized PLC Splitter

The Ruggedized PLC Splitter offered by OFS provides a truly flexible solution addressing the needs of today's FTTx networks. The use of this splitter allows for rapid installation into traditional closure splice trays.


  • Additional outer housing improves on the environmental stability of the traditional splitters for OSP applications.
  • The "upjacketed" fiber legs provide extra protection for the bare fiber
  • Because of the increased mechanical stability and the "bend insensitve fiber", the rugged fiber legs allow for quick routing between splice trays with minimal optical performance impact.
  • No need to prepare the splitter leg with special tubing
  • The splitter is a full spectrum (1260 - 1650 nm) component available in multiple configurations to meet customer requirements
  • Utilize Flame Hydrolysis Deposition (FHD) Techmology insuring better thermal stability
  • Designed to meet the demands of both inside and outside plant applications
  • Meets Telecordia GR-1221-CORE and GR-1209-CORE requirements

Additional Information

  • The Ruggedized PLC Splitter maximizes closure tray utilization: more splitters per tray
  • Modular approach provides cost effective incremental growth:  improves and simplifies fiber routing
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance:  support high speed applications and longer link lengths
  • Solution-based engineering support to meet all FTTx networking requirements: offer unique designs and configurations and customer specific application engineering
  • Universal Solution:  Simplified stocking/replacement inventory
  • See attached PDF for product information, product ordering guide and product spedifications
  • Product number shown is for a ruggedized PLC  with 1 in and 16 out.  Other configurations available, please call for further information.

Product Number