Fiber Optic Restoration Reel, Supply Solutions, LLC

Fiber Optic Restoration Reel, Supply Solutions, LLC


  • This kit is intended to serve as a temporary restoration measure to restore up to 12 fibers in the event of damage to your existing fiber backbone. It has 1,000’ of single mode fiber optic all dielectric drop cable spooled on a reel with two enclosures installed. Two meters of fiber are exposed ready to be spliced by either mechanical splices or direct fusion splice. The kit also includes hardware to mount the enclosures and hang the drop as you would a service drop on utility poles. The enclosures utilize a grommet system that is included to allow the damaged cable to be installed with minimal effort and tools. As an optional accessory we offer an oversized cable caddy to aid in the deployment of the cable.

Additional Information

  • Standard Package Quantity:  1 Kit

   * See attached PDF for product information, product ordering, and product specifications.

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