AllWave FLEX Fanouts, Zero Water Peak, OFS

The AllWave FLEX Fanouts enable superior optical performance and high density connectivity in any FTTx network deployment.  AllWave Flex Fanouts feature (ZWP) Zero Water Peak Fiber which offers as much as five times lower binding loss than Convention Single-Mode Fiber (CSFM) jumpers on the market today.  This product number is a fanout with 8 fibers, male, PC polish, LC connector, angled ferrule, cordage cable, and 3 meters in length.  OFS


  • Ideal for integration into smaller field cabinet designs and other space limited routing architectures
  • Available in both 8 and 12 fiber MPO connectors on bare ribbon, tight-buffered ribbon and cordage and include standard connectors on the opposite end.
  • Key components of the Access ADVANTAGE System
  • Applications:  FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC), and all other optical access networks, MPO splitter modules in Outside Plant Cabinets, General broadband CATV networks
  • Complies with ITU G.652D specifications
  • See attached PDF for product information, product ordering guide and product specifications.

Additional Information

  • Ordering Scheme:  MPO [1][2][3]/[4][5] - OAWF/[6]-[7]M
  • [1]:  # OF FIBERS (8 OR 12)
  • [2]:  Guide Pin:  T= Wtih Guide Pin (male),  U = Without Guide Pins  (female)
  • [3]:  Polishing Type for Connector:  PC=PC polish (flat ferrule), APC=Angled PC Polish (angled ferrule)
  • [4]:  Single Fiber Connector Type:  SC=SC  Connector, LC=LC Connector
  • [5]:  Polishing Method for Single Fiber Connector:  UPC=PC Polish (flat ferrule), APC=Angled PC polish (angled ferrule)
  • [6]:  Cable Type:  T=Bare Ribbon, PVC=Tight buffered PVC, TCF-Cordage (ruggedized ribbon)
  • [7]:  Cable Length In Meters

Product Number