OTS-55 Smart Optical Talk Set, JDSU

OTS-55 Smart Optical Talk Set, JDSU.  A smart, future-proof optical talk set.


  • Market's first unit, that doesn't need a headset for hands-free operation
  • Hands-free operation
  • Clear digital voice transmission
  • Wavelength of operation:  1550 nm
  • ≥45 dB dynamic range

Additional Information

  • 4-way powering
  • Rugged casing
  • Visual fault locator option at 635 nm
    • Economical option for fiber tracing, routing, and continuity checking
    • Universal push-pull adapter 2.5mm (1.25 mm adapter optional)
  • Product number BN 228501
  • See PDF for additional product information or further product options/numbers and product specifications.

Product Number

BN 228501