FlexTester PRO Kits, AFL

FlexTester PRO Kits, AFL


  • Combines FlexTester Multi-function OTDR with FOCIS connector inspection and cleaning
  • User-selected OFL280 or FLX380 FlexTester OTDR with integrated OPM, OLS, VFL
  • DFS1 Digital FiberScope with DFD1 hand-held Touchscreen Tablet display
  • Dedicated inspection display enables OTDR testing and connector inspection in parallel
  • Includes Windows-compatible TRM® Test Results Manager
  • Includes One-Click Mini-500 Cleaners, cleaning fluid and absorbent cleaning sticks for 1.25 & 2.5 mm ferrules and bulkheads
  • Packaged in rugged, waterproof hard carry case

Additional Information

  • Standard Package Quantity:  1ea

     * See attached PDF for product information, product ordering, and product specifications.

Product Number

FlexTester PRO Kit