T-BERD 8000 Scalable Optical Test Platform, JDSU

The T-BERD 8000 is ideal for installation, testing, and maintenance of fiber networks, and also supports DS-1 to 10G SONET/Ethernet BER testing.  This part number includes T-Berd 8000 platform, battery pack, AC charger and user manual.


  • Mainframe offers comprehensive connection checker functionality with on-board VFL, power meter, LTS, and video inspection scope options
  • Built-in optical talk set option for communicating along the fiber
  • Flexible scalable platform
  • Interchangeable modules
  • Fully automatic testing, with test results in seconds
  • Remotely controlled (via Ethernet, Fiber)

Additional Information

  • A single platform for: attentuation, dispersion, DWDM system, new fiber (attenuation profile), PDH/T -Carrier & SDH/SONET testing to 10G, and Ethernet testing up to 10GigE.
  • A variety of modules to meet all applications:  more than 20 OTDR modules, multifunction loss test module, PMD module, CD module, DWDM analyzers, high-performance OSA's, and transport module.
  • See attached PDF for product information, product numbers and specifications.

Product Number